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Peregrine Falcon Assembly
Falcons in the Classroom
The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (SCPBRG) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, would like to host an assembly at your school to teach students in grades three and above about the beautiful, but endangered, peregrine falcon.

The 45-minute assembly features a field biologist with a tame peregrine falcon (tethered to a perch), and covers topics on careers in conservation biology, peregrine falcon natural history, and the research group’s role in helping with the recovery of the peregrine falcon from near extinction. Currently, presentations also focus on the falcons that nest on Bay Area buildings, including San José City Hall, where there are “Nest Cams” setup making the activities of falcons visible to anyone with an internet connection. Presentation slides accompany the speaker and are narrated to tell a story of the science and action being implemented to save this species. A projection screen and a darkened room for viewing the screen are required for the presentation.

Additional Information
Visit the SCPBRG website for more information on SCPBRG, peregrine falcons, and Nest Cams. To request an assembly email Glenn Stewart. Assemblies can accommodate 100-150 students at a time.

Please note: Springtime is an extremely busy season for SCPBRG, in order to secure a Peregrine Falcon Assembly, please send your requests as soon as possible before April.