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FREE Recycling Equipment & Staffing
Recycle label on Eco-station.Compost label at Eco-station.Trash label of Eco-station.
The following free recycling equipment is available for loan to qualified San José events to increase event recycling and composting.

Eco-stations Eco-station at an event.
A City-provided Eco-station is a color-coded collection system that replaces the use of single trash cans to collect trash, recyclables, and compostable materials separately. Eco-stations are pre-labeled, showing the materials accepted in the City’s program. Each Eco-station comes with one recycle receptacle, one compost receptacle, one trash receptacle, one flag, one cone, and replacement bags. 

Reusable Public Litter Can Cover at an event.

Reusable Public Litter Can Covers

Events cannot dispose of waste in the City’s public litter cans (PLC), and therefore must cover them. Reusable locking PLC covers replace disposable PLC covers (e.g., plastic trash bags). Each PLC cover comes with a lock and a chain.

The City has a contract with the San Jose Conservation Corps (SJCC) to provide FREE recycling and composting services for a limited number of qualified events. This also includes collecting and disposing of bottles, cans, incidental cardboard, and other recyclables. These in-kind service options are as follows: 

Equipment Transportation Only
This service includes drop-off and pick-up of Eco-stations and PLC covers at the event site  
+ Equipment Set-up & Break-down
This service includes transportation, set-up, and break-down of Eco-stations and PLC covers 
+ Staffing Stations
This service includes equipment transportation, set-up, break-down, and staffing the Eco-stations during the event for optimum landfill diversion
+ Pre-event Planning Assistance (PILOT)
This service includes equipment transportation, set-up, break-down, station staffing, and pre-event consultation with event staff and vendors to provide Zero Waste management services (planning, logistics, and training/education)  

How to Request
To request equipment and staffing, complete the Zero Waste Event Application at least 45 calendar days prior to the event. This equipment is the property of the City and must be returned in the same manner in which it is received. Authorized event representatives must agree to be financially responsible for lost and/or damaged equipment.