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North San José Area Development Policy Projects
The North San José Area Development Policy calls for the use of recycled water in new developments to meet the future water demands in the North San José area. The policy may require developers to extend recycled water lines to reach the project site within new public or private streets as a condition of development. These requirements will be coordinated with individual developers through the zoning and/or the development permit process. Contact the San José Municipal Water Supply Engineering Section at (408) 277-4218 if you have questions regarding developer requirements for recycled water in North San José projects.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Projects
Funded by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation’s Water and Water-Related Resources Grant, South Bay Water Recycling received a total of $6.46 million of Recovery Act funds to partially fund eight recycled water projects resulting in the construction of approximately 15 miles of new recycled water pipelines. Construction of these projects began in fall 2009 and was completed in fall 2011. These projects included:
  • Airport Extension
    • Provided recycled water to the San José Mineta Airport and to businesses located along Ruff Drive
    • Included approximately of 4,500 feet of new pipeline extending north from Hedding Street, crossing Interstate 880, and connecting to the Airport on Skyport Drive
    • Completed in November 2010
  • San José Laterals and Gardens
    • Pipelines were extended within the street 'rights-of-way' on Spring Street, Walnut Street and Taylor Street, and at the Santa Clara County General Services Yard located off of Oakland Road.
    • Funded construction of an urban tree nursery for the non-profit Our City Forest  and construction of Phase II of the Guadalupe Community Gardens.
    • Extensions totaled approximately 1,575 feet and
    • Completed in April 2011
  • San José State University Renovation
    • Converted San José State University main campus irrigation to recycled water, connected the joint City / University Martin Luther King Jr. Library to recycled water for toilet and urinal flushing
    • Provided pipeline extensions on campus to allow for future connection of the Student Union building and new Student Health Center
    • Completed in September 2011.
  • San José Schools
    • Provided recycled water to San José Academy High, Roosevelt Community Center, Ramblewood Park, Tapestry Park and the Classico Avenue streetscape
    • Included approximately 5,210 feet of new pipeline
    • Completed in February 2011
  • Santa Clara Central Park
    • Located within the City of Santa Clara
    • Provided recycled water to Milikin Elementary, Haman Elementary, Santa Clara High School, Steve Carli Park, and a Santa Clara library
    • Included approximately 10,890 feet of new pipeline
    • Completed in June 2011
  • SC Industrial 1
    • Located within the City of Santa Clara
    • Provided recycled water to industrial facilities in three separate extensions on Norman Avenue, Duane Avenue, and Comstock Street
    • Included approximately 4,320 feet of new pipeline
    • Completed in May 2010.
  • SC Industrial 2
    • Located within the City of Santa Clara
    • Provided recycled water to businesses on Walsh Avenue, and Martin Avenue
    • Included approximately 7,150 feet of new pipeline
    • Completed in July 2011
  • SC Industrial 3A
    • Located within the City of Santa Clara
    • Provided recycled water for irrigation and industrial uses along portions of Walsh Avenue, Mission College Boulevard, Peterson Way, Tannery Way, Lakeside Drive, Augustine Drive, Montgomery Drive, Scott Boulevard, Coronado Drive, Stender Way, Condensa Street, and Northwestern Parkway
    • Included approximately 16,475 feet of new pipeline 
    • Completed in September 2011