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Recycled Water Rates
Rates Effective July 1, 2016

Recycled Water Quantity Charge
The quantity charge is based on how much water is used, in units of hundreds of cubic feet (HCF). One HCF is equivalent to 748 gallons of water. All recycled water bills include a quantity charge, a service charge, and a 5% utility tax. All Municipal Water System recycled water customers pay a flat rate per HCF based on the type of recycled water use in accordance with the following table.
Tier Irrigation Industrial Agricultural Irrigation -
Former Well User
Industrial / Agricultural 
Former Well User
$ per HCF $2.853    $2.872   $2.826  $2.213      $2.536

Recycled Water Meter Service Charge

All Municipal Water System customers pay a service charge based on the size of the meter. The following charges apply to all recycled water customers, with the exception of "former well users" who pay a flat $60 per month irrespective of the size of the meter.

Bi-Monthly Meter Service Charges All Areas & Zones

Meter Size
Bi-Monthly Service Charge
5/8 inch  $32.98
3/4 inch  33.68
1 inch 58.60
1 1/2 inch 117.20
2 inch 180.66
3 inch 341.82
4 inch 522.48
6 inch 683.66
8 inch 976.70
10 inch 1,220.92
Former Well  60.00