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Water Quality
Daily monitoring with regularly posted results ensures that the quality of recycled water for cooling towers is always up to standard.

The recycled water you run in your cooling tower system originates from one abundant and reliable source — a major advantage when it comes to consistent quality. With potable water, you may have to adjust for unexpected changes in the makeup water composition, because suppliers often blend sources to meet water demands. SBWR’s highly-treated, single-source recycled water supply significantly reduces the concern of fluctuating water quality.

Customers of SBWR also appreciate the convenience of having readily available facts about the quality of their recycled water. We check parameters every day, and then post them online in monthly reports for easy access.

As with any change in water source, switching to recycled water can affect cooling tower operations, so some modifications to your treatment program may be needed when you convert. Your water treatment vendor can use SBWR’s comprehensive water quality information to evaluate what changes would be necessary to your system with a switch to recycled water. Some SBWR customers regularly achieve five cycles of concentration on recycled water using typical chemical treatment methods.