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Vial of L.I.F.E

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Vial of Life
Vial of Lifesaving Information for Emergencies (L.I.F.E.)
The Vial of L.I.F.E. is a place for you to store important medical information that emergency medical personnel (firefighters, paramedics, and hospital staff) need in a time of crisis. By completing the Vial of L.I.F.E. form, you can provide emergency personnel with vital lifesaving information, even if you are unable to speak. It is very important that you keep this information up to date, accurate, and placed in a prominent spot in your refrigerator.

How to Use the Vial of L.I.F.E.
  • Please complete a Vial of L.I.F.E. form, which can be obtained from the Fire Department or the Office of Emergency Services. Be sure to include the date that you completed this form. This will help emergency personnel know how recent is the medical information.
  • Attach a photograph of yourself to the second page of the form.
  • Fold the Vial of L.I.F.E. form and put it inside the Vial of L.I.F.E. container.
  • Place the Vial of L.I.F.E. container on the top shelf inside your refrigerator door, closest to the door handle.
  • Attach the Vial of L.I.F.E. magnet to the outside top corner of your refrigerator door to alert emergency personnel to the presence of Vial of L.I.F.E. information.

You may obtain the Vial of L.I.F.E. by calling the Office of Emergency Services at (408) 277-4595 or by stopping by any fire station.