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Cart Orders
Cart Repair, Replacement or Size Changes
To repair or replace a broken, damaged or stolen cart, or to change the cart size, contact your hauler directly. Look up your garbage or recycling collection company and find contact information.

Carts are delivered within the next two collection cycles. If you are exchanging your cart, leave it at the curb until 6 p.m. on your collection day.

Cart Sizes
All carts (recycling, yard trimmings, and garbage) are available in 32-, 64-, and 96-gallon sizes.

Your monthly garbage rate is based on the size of your garbage cart. If you occasionally have more garbage than will fit in your cart, keep some extra garbage stickers on hand. If you frequently have more garbage than fits into your cart, call to order a larger garbage cart.

There is no additional fee for your recycling cart (regardless of size); it is included as part of your garbage collection service. If you don't fill your recycling cart, you can wait until the next collection day to place it at the curb.

If you currently have loose in the street yard trimmings collection and would prefer to place your yard trimmings in a cart, you may order a yard trimmings subscription cart for an additional monthly fee by calling Green Waste Recovery at (408) 283-4800.

Illustration of different cart size dimensions

 96-gallon  64-gallon  32-gallon
Photo of a woman pushing a 96 gallon cart Photo of a woman pushing a 64 gallon cart Photo of a woman pushing a 32 gallon cart

Cart Colors
Garbage carts are black. Recycling carts are gray with a blue lid. The optional yard trimmings carts are green.