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Found Pets
Found Pets
Thank you for temporarily harboring a stray animal. Many animals that get lost are frightened and are likely to run into traffic in their confused state. They need good samaritans to help them stay safe and, ideally, be reunited with their owners / guardians. Once you find a pet, you have several options.

Taking Found Pets to the Shelter
If you found the pet in the cities of San José, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, or Saratoga, you can surrender the animal to the San José Animal Care Center at no charge. The animal will then be made available for immediate viewing. If you are unable to transport the animal or feel that to do so may endanger your safety you can call us to pick up the animal from you. Visit our Lost Pets page to determine with which shelter you should contact regarding your found pet.

Temporarily Housing the Animal at Home
Instead of dropping off the animal at the shelter, you can elect to house the animal at your home while the animal is waiting to be reunited with its owner. If you opt to shelter the animal in your home, please do the following:
  • If the animal is wearing a rabies or license tag, call the phone number on the tag to identify the owners.
  • Bring the animal to the Surrender Desk from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. every day at the San José Animal Care Center and file a found pet report. This will allow us to scan for a microchip, take a picture, and display the animal online and in our shelter binders for potential owners to find.
  • Scan the animal for a microchip. Veterinarians, shelters, and many pet stores have microchip scanners.
  • Place a pet found advertisement in the newspaper and/or online.
  • Post flyers around your neighborhood and/or in the area you found the animal.
  • Look under the lost pet ads for any matches.

If you keep the animal longer than 30 days, you must license the animal yourself to continue to house it. Please note that even in this case, if the original owner resurfaces at any time and wishes to reclaim the animal, they may legally do so by reimbursing all costs incurred during the time you housed the animal.