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Exclusions, Exemptions & Other Requirements
Business Tax Financial Hardship Program

The Financial Hardship Exemption Program is designed to help sole proprietor businesses in the City of San José whose business income is at or falls below two times the poverty level income established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

A financial hardship exemption is granted based on the poverty level guidelines instituted by the Federal Government.

For an Existing Business:
If your business’ gross receipts, schedule C of your federal 1040 tax returns will be less than $22,980 you can qualify for the Financial Hardship Exemption Program during the renewal period. 

For a New Business:
Simply apply for the financial hardship exemption when initially applying for the business tax account.

Business Tax Exemption Program
The City of San José offers exemptions for specific types of businesses. If you desire to claim an exemption, please fill out the Business Tax Exemption form along with the Business Tax Registration Form and submit the forms along with your payment.

To see a list of exemptions, please refer to Municipal Code 4.76.6 or to the Business Tax Exemption Form