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Member Qualifications
Mobile Home Advisory Commission Member Qualifications
The commission is composed of one person to be recommended by the mobile home park owners organization; one person to be recommended by the mobile home park residents organization; and three neutrals. All members, except mobile home park owners, must be residents of San José.

There is no compensation for serving on the Mobile Home Advisory Commission, however, from time to time, commissioners may be reimbursed for some expenses incurred on City business. 

Political Reform Act of 1974 as Amended 
The Conflicts of Interest Section of the Political Reform Act applies to the Mobile Home Advisory Commission; however, commissioners are not required to file a Form 700, Statement of Economic Interests. 

Appointment Process 
All applications received for the three neutral positions are submitted to the Project Diversity Screening Committee for review according to the needs of the commission as specified in a Needs Assessment Memo. Applications will also be forwarded to the City attorney for a conflict of interest review and thereafter, the applicants will be asked to appear before the Screening Committee Members for an interview. Following interviews, the Screening Committee will develop a list of applicants which will be submitted to the council member liaison to the commission. The liaison will forward the list to the Rules Committee of Council either with or without a supplemental recommendation. The City Council makes the final appointment to the commission based on Rules Committee recommendations. Landlord and tenant appointments are outside of the project diversity process. 

Commissioners are expected to attend all commission meetings. San José Municipal Code Section 2.08.060 requires that a commissioner who has unexcused absences from any three consecutive regular meetings, or 20% of the meetings in a calendar year, is deemed to have resigned from the commission.

For further information about the commission, please call the commission staff at (408) 975-4480.