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Active Environmental Impact Reports
The following active Environment Impact Reports (EIRs) are either draft EIRs in the public review and comment period or final EIRs pending certification before the Planning Commission. Each EIR includes a brief project description, the public review period start and end dates, tentative Planning Commission hearing date, and contact information for the EIR project manager.

File Number Project Name
H14-011 237@First Homewood Suites Hotel
C15-054 237 Industrial Center
C16-027 5th Street Japantown Rezoning
PDC14-032 and PD15-028; 
PDC14-033, PD15-023, and PT15-028
740/750 and 777/815 West San Carlos Street Mixed Use Projects
PP14-033 Agnews East Campus Park Project Addendum
PDC15-058 & PD15-053 America Center Phase III Project
C15-057 and H15-061
PP15-102 Downtown Strategy 2040
PDC15-059 and PD15-031 Equinix Data Centers - Great Oaks Mixed Use Site
GPT16-009 Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan 4-Year Review (2016)
H14-034 First & Reed Mixed Use Project
GP06-04-01 and PDC03-108 Flea Market General Plan Amendment and Rezoning Project
PDC16-006 Garden City Rezoning Project
H15-047, T15-052, HP15-003 Gateway Mixed-Use Development Project
SP16-021 & T16-017 Greyhound Residential Project
PDA93-018-03 Guadalupe Rubbish Disposal Co., Inc. Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Facility Relocation
PP16-087 Iris Chang Park
 H16-024 and T16-024 Museum Place Mixed Use Project
PDC15-016 Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn & Suites, America Center Court
H16-013 River Corporate Center Project, Phase III
GP15-014 and PDC15-028;
PDC15-029 and PD14-013
Samaritan Medical Center Master Plan Project
PDC14-068 Santana West Development Project
PP16-037 St. James Park Capital Vision and Levitt Pavilion
C16-020, CP16-014, and AT16-030 Villas on the Park
PDC15-065 Volar - 350 S. Winchester Blvd.
H16-018 West San Fernando Office Tower