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Completed Environmental Impact Reports
The following certified Final Environment Impact Reports (EIRs) are listed by project name in alphabetical order. Additional certified Final EIRs can be viewed online on the City's Online Permits website by entering the file number into the Permit/reference number search bar.

File Number  Project Name
PP05-214 Baseball Stadium in the Diridon/Arena Area Project
 SP16-038 Cavalia's Odysseo Performance Event
  Communications Hill Specific Plan
SP16-010, T16-009 267 Delmas Avenue (Filice) Residential Project
C15-047, H15-046, and T15-058 363 Delmas Residential Project
PDC15-051, PD15-061, PT16-012, and HP16-002 Delmas Avenue Mixed-Use Development Project
PP09-163 Diridon Station Area Plan
PP03-123  Downtown Strategy 2000
PDC15-030 and PD15-026 eBay South Campus "Main Street" Multi-Purpose Building Project
  Edenvale Area Development Policy (formerly Edenvale Redevelopment Plan)
PP09-011 Envision San José 2040 General Plan
PP15-060 and GPT15-002 Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Supplemental Program EIR - Greenhouse Gas Emission Analysis
PP05-202 Habitat Conservation Plan
H14-006 Hyatt Hotels-Karina Court
GP07-03-04 Japantown Corporation Yard Redevelopment Project
PD13-039, PDC14-004, and PD14-007 Midpoint@237 Office and Industrial Project
 PDC15-038 and PD15-042 Montgomery 7
PDC07-071 Newby Island Sanitary Landfill / The Recyclery Planned Development Rezoning
H13-040 North First & Brokaw Corporate Campus
H14-037 North San Pedro Tower 3 Residential Project - Addendum to Downtown Strategy and Brandenburg EIRs
GP04-T-03, GP04-04-06/07
North San José Development Policy
DA15-002, PDC15-056, PD15-052, and PT15-066 Orchard Parkway Properties
PP14-076 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Emergency Generators Package 2A Project Addendum
PP11-043 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Master Plan
 PDC13-050 Santana Row Expansion EIR
PP09-193 Single-use Carryout Bag EIR
H13-041 Silvery Towers Residential Project
PDC13-041 Skyport Office Project
 PDC15-010 Stockton Avenue Mixed Use Project
 PDC14-040 The Reserve Apartments Mixed Use Project
GP06-T-04 and H06-027; HA06-027-01 and HA06-027-02;HA06-027-03; HA06-027-04
Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center Expansion
PDC09-006 US 101/Oakland/Mabury Transportation Development Policy Update
  • Update relies on Flea Market General Plan Amendments and Rezoning Project EIR; and King and Dobbin Transit Village and US 101 - Oakland/Mabury Transportation Development Policy EIR