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Goal 1: Create 25,000 new Clean Tech jobs as the World Center of Clean Tech Innovation
Clean Tech Jobs - Microchip San José Ranked #1 in the U.S. Metro Clean Tech Index

Over $47.2 billion dollars of venture capital has been invested locally since 2007.

Creating New Jobs By Growing the Clean Tech Economy

NREL Silicon Cluster ToolIt will take significant creativity and innovation to move the cities and countries of the world toward a more sustainable environment, just as it did to move the world from the industrial age into the age of silicon and high tech. More so than any region of the world, San José and Silicon Valley are defined by the ability and willingness to innovate and change. From the defense technologies of World War II, the semiconductors and computers of the information age, or the evolution of the Internet and the virtual world, our local innovations have changed the world.

As the world's most competitive knowledge economy and home to more than 1,500 of the world's largest technology firms, San José is positioned to become a world center of Clean Tech innovation. Numerous Clean Tech companies are already benefiting from the region's unrivalled access to venture funding, highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs, world-class research institutions, supportive government policies, and cutting-edge technology incubators and demonstration centers like ProspectSV and the San Jose BioCube. Clean transportation, solar, smart-grid, energy efficiency, and energy storage are all represented sub-sectors of clean tech in San José.

In this tradition, San José, the Capital of Silicon Valley, will inspire the next wave of innovation: the Clean Technologies that will help the world face the growing climate crisis and meet unprecedented global energy needs. These technological innovations will harness the power of renewable energy sources, manage natural resources more efficiently, and reduce the environmental impacts of human activity.

San José companies are inventing, demonstrating, and producing the innovations that will serve communities, businesses, and residents around the world. As a result, local residents are already seizing emerging economic opportunities to find well-paying jobs.
Performance Metrics

Clean Tech Jobs
Goal 1 - Clean Tech Jobs

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 Clean Tech-Ready Workers Trained  Cumulative Venture Capital Invested Locally  Companies Locating or Expanding in San José

Goal 1 - Clean Tech-Ready Workers Trained

Goal 1 - Cumulative Venture Capital Investments Locally

Goal 1 - Companies Locating Expanding in San Jose