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Guadalupe River
"San Jose to the Bay"...the northern section of the Guadalupe River Trail extends from Alviso at southern edge of the San Francisco Bay to Downtown San Jose - making this a great 9 mile opportunity to discover and learn about San Jose and Silicon Valley.  

The Guadalupe River Trail system is currently developed as two disconnected trail systems.  The northern and central portions travel from the San Francisco Bay, through Silicon Valley and into DowntownSan Jose (linking Gold Street in Alviso to Virginia Street in southern downtown).  A southern portion of the trail system extends from Chynoweth Avenue to Coleman Road and leads directly to the Lake Almaden and Los Alamitos Creek trail systems

The Guadalupe River Trail is a core trail system within San Jose's trail network.  Once fully developed, it will extend about 20 miles and link the San Francisco Bay to south San Jose.  

The downtown portion of the trail system is within the 250-acre Guadalupe River Park with many points of interest.

CLOSURE:  Lower Guadalupe River Trail is currently closed from Tasman Drive to Gold Street in Alviso.  Closure prevents access to the Highway 237 Bikeway connecting ramp as well.  Closure is in place between August and November 2015.  PG&E is repairing a pipeline in the area which requires removal of the levee structure temporarily.  View Fact Sheet and follow Detour Map.

  • 9.0 miles along northern/central reach (Gold Street to Virginia Street) 
  • 2.4 miles along southern reach (Chynoweth Avenue to Coleman Road)

Map: Lower Guadalupe River (Gold to 101)
Map: Lower Guadalupe River (101 to 880)
Map: Guadalupe River Park and Gardens (880 to 280)
Map: Guadalupe River Park (880 to St John Street)   NEW
Map: Upper Guadalupe River (Chynoweth Avenue to Coleman Road/Lake Almaden Park)  NEW

** CLOSURE **  From August 7 to November
PG&E Pipeline project requires closure of trail from Tasman Dr to Gold St
Detour Map
Fact Sheet

Usage Data
Visit the Reports page for Trail Count data from the annual count and survey.  In September 2014, we documented a 50% increase in usage from the prior year, and that was the 8th consequetive year of increasing usage documented. 

Planning Documents
Master Plan: Lower Guadalupe River Trail (Gold Street to Highway 880) - 2005
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Trail Reach 6 (Woz Way to Willow Street) - 2004
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Park - 2005
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Park - 2002
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Park - 1995
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Park - 1989 (27MB)
Master Plan: Guadalupe River Park - 1985 (370MB - huge doc)

NEW 35% Construction Documents for Coleman Road Undercrossing

Master planning now underway
Master Plan: Guadalupe River (Virginia Street to Chynoweth Avenue)

Follow this link to access to all planning documents as they become available.  NEW

A series of workshops will be conducted to develop a trail alignment spanning from downtown, Willow Glen, to south San Jose. All meetings to occur at Gardner Community Center at 520 West Virginia Street. View meeting notice postcard. Watch video for bird's eye view of the planning area.
  • Workshop #1 - September 21, from 6 to 8 pm.
  • Workshop #2 - December 1, from 6 to 8 pm.
  • Workshop #3 - January 20, from 6 to 8 pm.

TRANSIT: Virginia Street Light Rail Station located about 2 blocks away. 
TRAIL: Downtown reaches of the Guadalupe River Trail end at Virginia Street, community center located about 2 blocks to the west of the trail entrance.

Designation & Awards
The northern and central reaches of the Guadalupe River Trail are designated as part of the National Recreation Trail.