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Goal 8: Ensure that 100 Percent of public Fleet Vehicles Run on Alternative Fuels
Clean Fleet Vehicles - Fire Engine More than 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from vehicle tailpipes

41% of San José’s public fleet is powered with alternative fuels.

Greening the City's Fleet and Reducing Carbon Emissions 
100 MPG Plug-In HybridGreen Mobility must also focus on transporting people from place to place with the express intent of reducing carbon emissions by decreasing dependency on fossil fuels to operate our vehicles and reducing the environmental impacts created by the vehicles we must use. We must expand the use of public transportation by creating more Bus Rapid Transit lines, encouraging more people to ride light rail and participate in ride-share programs, developing subscription bus service, building BART, and bringing high-speed rail to San José.

San José is leading by example by developing a “Green Fleet” policy to guide the transformation of the City’s fleet. The City has implemented the use bio-diesel fuels with the existing fleet and has made positive strides towards acquiring green vehicles while providing support for alternatively fueled vehicles throughout the entire fleet inventory. Work is currently underway to expand the inventory of public EV plug-in stations and access to alternative fueling depots including Compressed Natural Gas.

We encourage the development of smaller, lighter, and alternative fuel vehicles for mass and private transit to reduce adverse impacts on our environment. The City of San José is establishing a center to stimulate the development of such clean, alternative fuel vehicles using Silicon Valley technology.

Performance Metrics

 alternative Fuel Vehicles

 View the graphs below for additional metrics related to Alternative Fuel Vehicles:

 Annual Fuel Consumption (Gasoline)

Annual Fuel Consumption