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Homeless Encampments

Encampment Response and Abatement Information

The City of San José uses a balanced approach of service provision and scheduled abatement when addressing homeless encampments.  Homeless Outreach and Engagement Teams are a critical component as these teams provide assistance and support to encampment residents by working to connect them to services, shelter, and ultimately permanent housing.

Use the Homeless Helpline by calling 408.510.7600, or by email , to report an encampment.  Please call 911 when
witnessing a criminal act.

Outreach teams visit an encampment site for 15 to 30 days before the cleanup.  The goal is to do more than simply move residents from one unsheltered site to another, providing other potential services.

Prioritization for cleanups on City of San Jose property involves assessing health and safety issues, size, and visibility.  Cleanups are scheduled monthly and typically occur over a period of one week.

Other resources for reporting encampments/homeless concerns are listed below:
Encampment Abatement Schedule
 Responsible Jurisdiction /
Location / Area Cleanup
 City of San José HRT  Remillard Story - Coyote Meadows E/W from Story to Williams Street Monthly
 City of San José HRT  Wooster/Watson/Maybury Monthly
 City of San José HRT  Needles Monthly
 City of San José HRT   Capital to Yerba Buena Monthly
 City of San José HRT  Felipe and Olider Monthly