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Homeless Encampments

Encampment Response and Abatement Information

Use the Homeless Concerns Hotline by calling 408-975-1440, or by email  to report a concern related to homelessness in San José. Our goal is to connect homeless individuals and families with appropriate services/housing. If you see a crime in progress or a life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911

Outreach teams are dispatched to encampment sites after a concern has been reported or before an abatement. The goal is to provide assistance to homeless individuals who are looking for support services. Outreach teams can help find emergency shelter, showers, laundry, meals, medical services, case management, employment training and more. For unhoused individuals seeking support, use the Homeless Helpline by calling 408-510-7600, or email for information and referrals to support services.

Prioritization for abatements on City of San José property involves assessing health and safety issues, size, and environmental impact.

Other resources for reporting encampments/homeless concerns are listed below:
Ongoing Encampment Abatement Schedule
 Responsible Jurisdiction /
Location / Area Cleanup
 City of San José  Coyote Creek from Capitol to Williams Street Monthly
 City of San José  Coyote Creek at Wooster to Mabury Monthly
 City of San José  Coyote Creek at Corie Ct. to Ridder Park Monthly
 City of San José  Neighborhood Parks Hot Spots Monthly
 City of San José  Other City of San José Hot Spots Monthly