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Resources for Retailers
A customer pushing a shopping cartRetailer Checklist

Additional Suggestions

  • Find a reusable bag supplier or a recycled paper bag supplier about the availability of paper bags with at least 40% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Offer a credit or incentive to customers who shop with reusable bags.
  • Consider selling reusable bags.

A customer and store clerk at checkoutEmployee Training
  • Train employees on the ordinance rules; how to respond to questions or comments from customers; and on procedures for the paper bag charge.
  • Place copies of the City’s customer factsheet at checkout counters for employee reference.
  • Employees can help customers by:
    1. Asking customers “Do you have your own bag today?”
    2. Thanking customers who bring their own reusable bags to reinforce this habit and to encourage other customers within listening range to do the same.
    3. Setting an by example by shopping with a reusable bag regardless of what city they live in.

Customers carrying shopping bags in a mallReminders for Customers 
Consider promoting the use of reusable bags in your company’s circulars, in online media, and on your website; add a link to for those customers who may want more information.

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