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Pending / Future Amendments
Sign Code Amendments

The following amendments are targeted for City Council consideration in 2017.

  • Downtown Advertising District - The City will be considering an amendment to create the Downtown Advertising District to enliven Downtown with well-designed commercial advertising to improve the physical environment and contribute to San José’s big-city, urban identity. This District could include a revenue generation opportunity to reinvest in Downtown as well as foster commerce and business.  
  • Provisions for new electronic billboards on City-owned and other property for off-site commercial advertising.

The following amendments
may also be considered by City Council in the future.

  • Freeway Signs - Provisions allowing electronic signs, for on-site commercial advertising, visible from freeways for sites that are developed with regionally-focused non-residential uses, including but not limited to large-scale commercial or industrial uses, and located in a Growth Area on the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Land Use Transportation Diagram.
  • Ongoing review and update of the Sign Ordinance.

Aparna Ankola, Project Manager, Ordinance and Policy Team.