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Additional Biking Tips
Repair and maintain your bicycle
The Bicycle Tutor offers free online videos that help you repair and tune up your bicycle. These tutorials listed below (and many more) will help keep your bike in great shape so you won't miss a moment of urban trail riding.
  • Basic Bike Repair Tools
  • How To Check For Chain Wear
  • How To Adjust V-Brakes
  • How To Adjust Sidepull Caliper Brakes
  • How To Replace a GripShift Cable
  • How To Remove Surface Rust from Chrome
  • How To Replace Handlebar Grips
  • How To Recondition RapidFire Plus Shifters
  • Visit Planet Bike for even more educational videos

Commuting along the trails by bicycle
The 511 Bicycling organization is a great resource for planning your bike commute. The commuting tips preparation list includes:
  • Find your route in advance and get a bike route map of your area
  • Tips for avoid bike/auto collisions.
  • The Valley Transportation Authority has many excellent resources for trip planning in Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County.
  • Consider finding a biking buddy to commute with
  • Make sure your equipment is in good shape (see the links above)
  • Find out where the bike racks are at your work site. Are there lockers, showers or other amenities to help you with your bike commute?

Bike Skills Classes at the City of San José
The City of San José Bike and Pedestrian Program offers free Bicycling Skills classes for adults and teenagers (with an adult). Topics covered are:
  • Traffic laws for bicyclists
  • Signaling, changing lanes and other basic skills needed
  • How to take a bike on mass transit
  • Selecting your route
  • Fixing a flat tire.
  • The classes are offered approximately 4 times per year. Check the class site for date of the next class.