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South Bascom (North)
The South Bascom (North) Urban Village is currently an existing a commercial corridor located in western San Jose. This commercial corridor is home to some key employment centers such as the Valley Medical Center and the San Jose City College which are both located in the norther section of the Urban Village near Highway 280. While there are a number of existing commercial and retail oriented uses many of the buildings that house these uses are inconsistent with the urban form associated with Urban Villages. Additionally, with the Bascom VTA Light Rail stop located at the southern end of the Urban Village this corridor is an ideal location for a mixture of new and intensified commercial and residential uses.

Please note: The Urban Village Plans are policy documents which provide guidance for future development and investment within the Village boundaries, like future housing and job growth. These Plans are not development proposals and adoption of these Plans will not directly result in any physical development (demolition or construction) in the area. If and when a private property owner wishes to redevelop their land, they will be required to comply with the applicable Urban Village Plan, as well as the City’s permitting process.

Public Hearing
The City Council public hearing is scheduled for:

The Planning Process
The City of San Jose is taking part in extensive community outreach as part of the South Bascom (North) Urban Village planning process. The outreach process consists of background research as well as three community planning workshops specifically focused on the South Bascom (North) Urban Village. The community outreach portion of the South Bascom (North) Urban Village consisted of three community workshops. All neighborhood residents, property owners, business owners, and other interested individuals were invited to attend, participate, and provide input on the formulation of the Urban Village plan. 

Former Draft Plan Document

This is a link to the South Bascom draft plan as of April 2018, South Bascom draft plan as of November 2017, and South Bascom draft plan as of 2014. For the most up-to-date Plan document, please see the Draft Plan Documents section above. 

Workshop # 1South Bascom Workshop 1
On October 24, 2012, over 40 community members participated in the first South Bascom (North) Urban Village community workshop. Participants included neighborhood residents, property owners, and other individuals interested in gaining insight into the Urban Village planning process.

The workshop began with a presentation given by planning staff on Urban Villages and the Urban Village planning process. Participants then broke into groups where they were asked for input on the current state of the neighborhood and the opportunities that exist on the corridor. Additionally, groups were asked to provide input on a vision for the future of the South Bascom (North) Urban Village. The final task for participants was to use Lego to construct where they thought new development should be planned.

Workshop #1 Meeting Materials

Workshop # 2

On September 30, 2013, over 80 community members attended the Sherman Oaks Community Center for the second South Bascom Urban Village community workshop.  The second workshop utilized the community feedback from previous workshop and meetings with community stakeholders to present the latest direction and vision for the South Bascom Urban Village Plan.  

The presenters on hand included several city staff from the Department of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement, Department of Transportation, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services, Office of Cultural Affairs, and representatives from MIG, the urban design consulting firm hired by the City to assist with the planning process.  The presentation started by providing participants with an update of the Urban Village process, overview of the study area, visions for the Urban Village, and brief discussions on the key topics that would be covered in more depth in the breakout sessions.  After the introductory presentation, participants were broken up into two groups and assigned to a breakout session room. The breakout sessions were conducted in a question and answer discussion format on the key topics.  One group covered Land Use, Urban Design, Parks and Open Space, and Public Art; while the other group covered Streetscape and Circulation within the Urban Village. The attendees switched groups part way through the workshop so that each participant had the opportunity to cover all of the key issues.  To close the workshop, participants reconvened to summarize the feedback from both groups.

Workshop #2 Meeting Materials

Online Survey
Over the course of approximately three weeks in September and October, 2013, community members were able to take part in an online survey regarding their preferences for Urban Village areas. This survey covered both the South Bascom and West San Carlos Urban Villages and had tremendous participation with over 250 responses. See the Online Survey Summary

Workshop #3
The third and final South Bascom Urban Village community workshop was held on Monday, February 10, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sherman Oaks Community Center and was attended by approximately 80 community members. The meeting was largely held in an open house format where community members were able to view the final draft concepts of the Plan and speak directly with City Staff.

Following the completion of the Implementation/Financing Chapter, the Plan will go before the Planning Commission and City Council for approval. 

Workshop #3 (re-hosted)
The City of San Jose re-hosted the third and final South Bascom (North) Urban Village community workshop (South Bascom Open House Notice) on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sherman Oaks Community Center, which was attended by approximately 90 community members. The meeting was largely held in an open house format where community members were able to view the final draft concepts of the Plan and speak directly with City Staff. A summary of the community comments and the ranking of the desired amenities are included in the Workshop Summary

Background Information 

The following documents and existing planning studies have been compiled, consulted, and incorporated into the Urban Village planning process: