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Submitting an Application
Before Application Submittal
It is highly recommended that you meet with Planning Counter Staff so they can review your project and determine which permit application suits your proposed project. You can visit Planning Counter Staff on the 1st floor of of City Hall during Permit Center Service hours.

If you have previously completed the Preliminary Project Review process, then you do not need to meet with counter staff and should follow the directions given by your planner.

Application Submittal Procedures
Application Submittal Requirements
All application packets must include the following items to be considered complete and ready for intake:
  1. Completed permit application form
  2. Affidavit of ownership
  3. Legal description (if description references a tract map, the tract map must be included with the description)
  4. Environmental Evaluation Application
  5. Project Plan sets (including the electronic copy in PDF format)

Please refer to the following to determine the submittal requirements for your specific project and permit application:

Applications Accepted by Walk-In
The following are application types that are accepted at the Permit Center located on the 1st Floor of the City Hall tower building by walk-in only. See Permit Center service hours.

  • Administrative Permit

* Appeal of an Environmental DeterminationPermit Appeal, and Zoning Protest applications can be submitted to the Permit Center on the 1st floor or to the Planning Division on the 3rd floor without an appointment during business hours.

Applications Accepted By Appointment ONLY
3rd Floor City Hall, Tower
The following are permit applications that are only accepted by appointment with Planning staff and conducted at the Planning and Development Services offices located on the 3rd floor of the City Hall tower building:
Permit Application Initial Submittal Fee
Annexation $27,724.00 
Certificate of Compliance $3,923.00 
Conditional Use Permit / Amendment $8,664.00 
Covenant of Easement, and Release of $2,383.00 
Determination of Public Convenience or Necessity $4,115.00 
General Plan Amendment $12,267.00 
Historic Preservation Permit $300.00 
Historic Landmark Nomination $3,500.00 
Historic Property Contract $1,500.00 
Lot Line Adjustment $1,674.00 
Planned Development Permit / Amendment $5,199.00 
Planned Development Zoning $6,281.00 
Reasonable Accommodation $5,485.00 
Rezoning / Prezoning $6,251.00 
Sidewalk Café Permit $0.00 
Site Development Permit / Amendment $5,199.00 
Special Use Permit $3,781.00 
Street Renaming $2,816.00 
Tentative Map $5,485.00 
Variance / Exception $4,475.00 

Fee Payment Options
All applications must be accompanied by the necessary application fees in accordance with the adopted Planning Application Filing Fee Schedule.

At a minimum, the Initial Application Fee (see above table) must be paid on the day of the application submittal appointment. The entire fee amount will be calculated during your appointment and an invoice will be provided that must be paid within 14 calendar days. The review of the application will not begin until all fees are paid in full.

Online Intake Appointment Scheduler
An appointment to submit an application can be arranged using the "Schedule an Appointment" button below. If you require any special assistance in scheduling of an appointment, please call (408) 535-3555.