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Parade / March
The San Jose Police Department, Secondary Employment Unit, issues street closures for parades and marches. Typically, events held on a public street will also require Tow Permits coordinated through the Department of Transportation  Additionally, the Office of Cultural Affairs provides centralized coordination services for complex parades involving multiple permits.

Procession and Parades
A parade or march is an organized procession of people usually celebrating a special occasion or marching for a public cause. Parades are often time accompanied by marching bands, floats, vehicles or other display items, and are usually organized along a street. Marches include processions, rallies, demonstrations and protests.
A gathering of individuals usually organized with a common purpose with an intention to inspire and generate enthusiasm among those present.
 A group display of opinion; a public show or a group for or against an issue, cause or person.
Protests / March
 A display to express strong opposition to or disapproval of something in the form of a public demonstration or other action.
  • Guidelines:
    If you are planning a protest, you will coordinate the protest directly with the City of San Jose, Secondary Employment Unit.
  • Applications:
    Contact the Permits Unit with the Secondary Employment Unit at (408) 537-1667 to acquire a copy of the Demo/Rally/March Application.