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Approved Urban Village Plans
The following is a list of Urban Villages that have City Council approved Urban Village Plans. Residential development within Urban Villages is planned to occur in phases, which are referred to as Horizons in the General Plan. The approved Urban Village Plans are listed below under its respective Horizons with the exception of Rincon South Specific Plan Urban Village, which is under the phasing process of North San Jose Area Development Policy (NSJ ADP). 

Currently, only Horizon I is open for residential development. Even though Horizon I is open, residential development may not occur in the Roosevelt Park and Little Portugal Urban Villages until the City Council has approved an Implementation Financing Plan for each Village. The Five Wounds and 24th and Williams Urban Villages that are in later Horizons will be available for residential mixed use development with the approval of an Implementation Financing Plan and the opening of its respective Horizon. Development proposals for commercial, office and other non-residential uses that are consistent with the Urban Village Plan are permitted regardless of an Implementation Financing Plan or what Horizon the development site is located within. 

Horizon I

Horizon II

Horizon III

North San Jose Area Development Policy Phases II through IV

 *Residential development will not occur until City Council approves an Implementation Financing Plan.