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City Costs

 Permit Type


 Paseo / Plaza Permit Application
 Paseo/Plaza use Permit  290
 Non-Peak Extended Permit Fee  285
 Paseo/Plaza Series Permits  440
 Easy Urbanism Permit 150
 Limited Special Event & Simple Assembly  45
 Parque de los Pobladores Permit  65
 Parque de los Pobladores Series Permit


 Street and Sidewalk Inspection Fee

 100 Per Visit

 Cleaning/Damage Deposit  1500 (Refundable)
 Private Property Permit Applications
 Private Property Permit Fee 850
 Private Property Permit Fee, Downtown Core 110
 Private Property Repeat Event Permit Fee 450
 Private Property Tent Only Fee 450
 Special Park Use (SPU)
 Small Scale Permit Fee 1100
 Median Scale Permit Fee 2000
 Large Scale Permit Fee 2800
 Small Scale Trail Use Fee 400
 Median Scale Trail Use Fee 1000
 Large Scale Trail Use Fee 2000
 Small Scale Setup/Take Down Day(s) 300
 Median & Large Scale Setup/ Take Down Days(s) 600
Qualified Non-Profit Organizations Receive 50% Off the Above Parks Fees
For Definitions on Parks Fees Please View SPU's Fees Matrix
City Services 
 Alcohol Permits (SJPD) 126
 Street Closure Permit (SJPD) 175
 Parade Permit (SJPD) 277
 Annual Processing Fee to Employ Off-Duty Police 469
 - Events Five Days or Less 410
 - Schools and Public Entities 35
 Pay Rate of Off-Duty Officers 55/Per Hour (3 Hour Min)
 Pay Rate of Traffic Control Officers  37/Per Hour (3Hour Min)
 Barricades and Delineators 4.25 Each
 Cones 4 Each
 Tow Zone Permit 30
 Bagging Meters (Per Day) 8 (Smart Meter) 4 (Others)
 Site Fire Inspections (Fire Watch) 122 (Per Hour)
 Fire Plan Review 188
 Pyrotechnic Permits 624
 Fire Festival Permit 247
 Fire Parade Permit 437
 Fire Tent Permit 624
 Electrical Though Public Works TBD
 Environmental Services (Waste Removal) TBD
 Temporary Sellers Permit (Contact for Costs) (408) 277-1807
 Food Permit (Contact for Costs) (408) 918-3400
 FAA Approval for All: Parachute Jumps, Fireworks, Helicopters etc.
 Caltrans Approval for All Freeway Om and Off Ramp Closures (Encroachment Permit Application Must be Submitted 6 Months in Advance for New Event and 3 Months for Repeat Event)