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2014 - Second Tier Retirement Benefits for New Employees Arbitration

Pursuant to City Charter Section 1111, the City and the San Jose Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 230 will be holding a binding interest arbitration hearing under revisions to the City Charter by Measure V, which was approved by San Jose voters on November 2, 2010.

San Jose voters approved Measure V in November 2010, which amended the City Charter with regard to binding interest arbitration between the City of San Jose and bargaining organizations representing public safety employees to be conducted in public sessions.

Measure B, which was approved by the voters on June 5, 2012, set limitations for second tier future retirement benefits.  A second tier has been established for all employees, except those represented by Local 230.  The City and Local 230 were unable to reach an agreement on a second tier of retirement benefits for new employees, even though the City has proposed the maximum allowed under Measure B.

Arbitration Decision

County of Santa Clara Superior Court Case No. 1-12-CV-237635

Arbitration Board Members


Neutral Board Member

City of San Jose
Board Member

Board Member

Honorable Catherine Gallagher

Alex Gurza
Deputy City Manager

Joel Phelan
IAFF President


2014 Arbitration - Second Tier Retirement Benefits for New Employees





Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Commencing at 10:00 am

City Hall Committee Rooms


Documents and Exhibits Provided by City

Documents and Exhibits Provided by IAFF