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Integrated Pest Management


New Pilot Program will Reduce the Use of Pesticides in City Parks Since 2002, the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) Parks Division has championed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control weeds and pests in City Parks. To increase these efforts, PRNS is running a pilot program to test new ways to reduce pesticide use, while also creating cost savings. Minimizing pesticides and their chemical runoff is important everywhere, but especially in parks because they are often close to creeks.

Integrated Pest Management Creates a Safer and Cleaner San José

Pesticides are commonly used to control weeds and pests. Over the last decade, staff have started to incrementally reduce pesticides by using alternative methods. A collaborative effort is underway between the PRNS Parks Division and the Environmental Services (ESD) Watershed Protection Division to increase IPM practices. These new maintenance practices will result in safer public spaces for residents and City workers, and protect water quality in our creeks and streams.

IPM Techniques

IPM focuses on using biological, mechanical and cultural methods to control pests. Learn more about these methods and how they can be applied in your garden.

Help Reduce Chemical Use at Neighborhood Parks: Volunteer Today!

Many of the IPM practices are labor intensive. San José residents can help the success of this program by volunteering their time. To learn more, please visit the Adopt-a-park program.

The pilot program has started and will run through March 2015, and then will be evaluated for expansion to the rest of the City's park system. The program is taking place in Park Maintenance District 3 (in west San Jose), which includes 65 municipal parks and civic grounds that total 245 acres, and includes parts of Council Districts 1,3,6,7, and 9..

Request a Speaker

To request a speaker to make a presentation on San Jose City Park IPM practices to a community group, please contact Mike Will at , or by phoneat (408) 535-3582.