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Multiple Housing Program

A Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP) is required for rental property with three or more units under one roof. This includes apartments, hotels, motels, fraternities, sororities, emergency shelters, and residential care facilities. Condominiums are not included on the Multiple Housing Roster and they do not require an ROP.  Permits must be renewed annually. The annual invoice is mailed in mid-November and payment is due by December 31st.  Frequently Asked Questions

The Multiple Housing Program provides three levels of service; inspections will be conducted on a 3, 5 or 6 year cycle depending upon the Service Level Tier assignment listed on the Multiple Housing Roster.  

Online Residential Occupancy Permit Renewal

Need help renewing the 2016 Residential Occupancy Permit online?
There is an guide
 to assist customers.

Service Level Tier 1 - Responsibilities

All owners are responsible for maintaining multi-family buildings in compliance with minimum housing standards. Additionally, an owner or owner's agent who wants to maintain Tier 1 status must agree to inspect every unit in the building on an annual basis and upon change in tenancy, provide a copy of the Self-Certification Inspection Checklist to tenants within five working days of the inspection, and maintain electronic or hard copies of the records for seven years. If any units cannot be self-certified, then Code Enforcement must be notified no later than July 31st of each year.  An affidavit must be completed using the Online Permit System during the renewal process for the Residential Occupancy Permit. There is an online permit guide with screen shots to assist customers.  

Owner Relocation Obligations

The Municipal Code specifies the circumstances under which owners are obligated to relocate tenants due to substandard housing conditions after the City issues a notice of violation.

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