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Code Enforcement
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Multiple Housing Inspection Program
Smoke alarm on the ceiling Make Sure Your Property Meets Smoke Alarm and Carbon Alarm Installation Requirements
State law requires verification of proper installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms whenever a building permit is obtained for any alteration on a residential property. A property owner or licensed contractor can self-certify that requirements for these alarms have been met. Learn more about requirements and self-certification on the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements page.

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Multiple Housing Inspection Program
The Multiple Housing Program provides three levels of service; inspections will be conducted on a 3, 5 or 6 year cycle depending upon the Service Level Tier assignment listed on the Multiple Housing Roster. The assigned inspector will provide the handout How to Prepare for a Routine Housing Inspection

Prior Planning approval is required before making changes to the exterior of multifamily dwellings. Owners and managers are encouraged to ensure that building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits are obtained and finaled. There is a short list of projects that are exempt from permits. Unpermitted work will need to be legalized. Useful forms and handouts are available from the Building Division website. Check the status of permits at 

Learn more about the program in the Multiple Housing Inspection Program FAQs.

Residential Occupancy Permit
A Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP) is required for rental property with three or more units under one roof. This includes apartments, hotels, motels, fraternities, sororities, emergency shelters, and residential care facilities. Condominiums are not included on the Multiple Housing Roster and they do not require an ROP. Permits must be renewed annually. The annual invoice is mailed in mid-November and payment is due by December 31st. Learn how to renew your ROP.

Owner Relocation Obligations
The San Jose Municipal Code specifies the circumstances under which owners are obligated to relocate tenants due to substandard housing conditions after the City issues a notice of violation.

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