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Street Pavement Condition 2015
From the City Auditor's Service Efforts and Accomplishments Report 2014-15

San Jose has 2,431 miles of City street pavement. The street pavement condition was deemed only "fair." Just 24 percent of residents surveyed in the fall of 2015 reported that they felt street repair was "excellent" or "good." This was among the lowest-ranked services. 

Street-by-Street Map of Pavement Condition (updated: November 2015)

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Source: StreetSaver data as of November 2015; City Auditor's Audit of Street Pavement Maintenance

Excellent or very good Good Fair At Risk Poor Failed
Newly constructed or resurfaced; few signs of distress Low levels of distress; needs preventive maintenance Significant distress; requires rehabilitation and/or preventive maintenance Deteriorated pavement; will quickly turn "poor" without maintenance Extensive distress; requires major, costly rehabilitation Extremely rough pavement; needs expensive reconstruction

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This page was last revised: December 22, 2015