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Neighborhood Cleanup Events
Neighborhood Cleanups Will Be Replaced with Junk Pickup Program Effective January 2018

Effective January 2018, Neighborhood Cleanup events will be replaced with the Junk Pickup program. Contact your curbside recycling provider to schedule your free pickup. It may take up to 2 weeks for items to be collected. Plan ahead and only set out items the day prior to your scheduled collection. Find you recycling hauler by entering your address into the Residential Services Lookup tool. For larger volumes of material, consider using a residential cleanout bin service provider.

Front of Neighborhood Clean Up Postcard
Front of NCU postcard: Time and date of the cleanup and a list of acceptable items.

Back of Neighborhood Clean Up Postcard
Back of NCU postcard: Directions and map of collection bin locations
Neighborhood Cleanup events (NCUs) provide San José residents with a way to dispose of unwanted items. NCUs are held rain or shine in different neighborhoods throughout the year. The majority of collected materials are either recycled or reused. The City’s Code Enforcement Division mails households a postcard which residents must bring to the NCU for entry.  Please note that long lines are to be expected and staff may guide residents to another site if necessary.

Residents can only attend the NCU in their designated neighborhood. Residents can look for their postcard in the mail or use the online Residential Services Lookup tool to see when their next neighborhood NCU is scheduled. Below is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items:

Acceptable Items
  • Prescription and non-prescription medications (pill form only and placed in a clear bag). Bring these to City Information Booth.
  • A/Cs and Freezers: Air Conditioners, Freezers, Refrigerators, Water Coolers
  • Carpet and Sofa: Carpet, Carpet Padding, Recliners, Sofas
  • CRTs and TVs: Cell Phones, Computers, Laptops, Monitors, TVs, Projection TVs
  • Mattress: Box Springs, Futons, Mattresses
  • Metal: Dishwashers, Lawn Mowers (empty any gas or oil), Metal Furniture (remove non-metal parts), Stoves, Washers & Dryers, Water Heaters, Small Metal Appliances
  • Plastics: (For items WITHOUT a recycle symbol): Computer Accessories, Milk Crates, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Toys, Plastic Lawn Furniture (no vinyl), Small Plastic Appliances
  • Packaging Styrofoam™ (not “peanut” pellets) Must be placed in clear plastic bags and tied
  • Rocks and Bricks (Free of dirt or powders): Bricks, Cinder Block, Concrete, Rocks
  • Rubbish: Chicken Wire, Computer Printers, Concrete Powder, Countertops, Furniture, Glass & Pottery, Granite & Marble, Particleboard, Toilets, TV Stands, Railroad Ties, Rebar, Wood chemically or pressure treated or with varnish, paint or nails
  • Tires: All sizes, okay if rims included
  • Wood: Lumber, fencing (not pressure treated), Plywood, Wood (Free of any paint or varnish)

Non-Acceptable Items
  • Pharmaceuticals in liquid or paste form, needles, inhalers
  • Dirt
  • Household garbage, recyclables, yard waste
  • Hazardous waste (such as automotive fluids, batteries (all types), cleaning products, fertilizers, pesticides, gas tanks (propane and helium), paint polishes, polish removers, solvents, florescent bulbs. 
    • To schedule a free drop-off appointment for household hazardous waste call (408) 299-7300 or visit