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Producing Energy
Biosolids Recycling LogoIn addition to cleaning wastewater, the Facility produces a surprising amount of energy. How? When biosolids decompose in the Facility’s digesters, they produce methane gas, which is compressed for use as power.

Using on-site engine generators supplied with digester and natural gases, the Facility can produce roughly 75 percent of the average 11 megawatts (MW) needed for daily operations. Sustainable energy production is a City of San José Green Vision goal. It’s also a key element of the Facility’s Plant Master Plan and Capital Improvement Program.

The Facility has been recognized for its energy accomplishments. In 2009, it was praised by the federal Environmental Protection Agency as one of the nation’s top 10 on-site energy producers and users, and in 2010, the Facility was honored with a Green Leadership award for energy innovations.