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Mayor Liccardo's 2017 March Budget Message

Mayor Sam Liccardo released his March budget message earlier this year, which continued the Mayor's message on fiscal prudence and discipline.

Amid a challenging fiscal landscape, Mayor Sam Liccardo has released his March Budget Message for the 2017-18 fiscal year calling for a prudent and targeted approach to spending that focuses on the community’s highest priorities and most pressing challenges.

Given the challenging fiscal environment, the Mayor’s budget message focuses on a few key strategies:

  1. In the wake of last month’s Coyote Creek flooding, the Mayor has proposed instituting a number of immediate actions to assist with flood recovery and disaster preparedness.
  2. The Mayor has also included proposals that leverage the tremendous energy of San Jose volunteers (exemplified by the recent flood relief effort) to advance the new #BeautifySJ campaign focused on reducing blight, trash and graffiti across San Jose.
  3. Since every $1 invested in preventative road maintenance can save $4 to $5 in future repairs, the Mayor has proposed increasing the FY 2017-18 street pavement maintenance allocation to $50 million, which will allow the City to pave 200 miles next fiscal year.
  4. Furthermore, the Mayor has focused his remaining spending proposals on modest allocations that will leverage private funding or resources, create new efficiencies to achieve an even greater impact. 

The size of these projected deficits remain relatively small when compared to the overall size of the General Fund, and the magnitude of the deficits experienced a decade ago.  Furthermore, the City is already undertaking multiple cost-saving strategies (not yet reflected in the General Fund Forecast) that should allow us to close these gaps without significant service cuts in the year ahead. These strategies include:

  • The pending sale of Hayes Mansion: the pending sale of this property in the coming months will relieve the City’s General Fund of an annual debt service burden of $3.5 million.  
  • Upcoming Bond Re-Financing: by refinancing and consolidating Redevelopment Agency debt this summer, the City can accelerate tax revenues that come through the “waterfall” to taxing entities, ultimately benefiting the General Fund. 
  • Judgment Against HUD: Re-allocating $8 million of the $36.3 million judgment award to the City’s Rapid Rehousing Program (over the next two years) will alleviate the General Fund of this obligation. 

Read the mayor's March budget message. 

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