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From the Santa Clara Valley Water District
Learn where you can get your sandbags and how you can keep your family and property flood-safe. View flyer.

Now is the time to make sure your family and property are protected from flooding. View the Santa Clara Valley Water District website for tips on flood safety and emergency preparedness plans.

View Fast Facts, an overview of the Water District's mission, projects and programs.

From the San Jose Downtown Association
Article from the Downtown Dimension Newsletter, December 2015 edition

Prepping for a wet winter

With a wet El Niño winter predicted, Groundwerx spent much of the past two months clearing downtown streets and storm drains of leaves.
“Groundwerx takes an all-hands-on-deck approach to leaf removal to prevent gutters and sidewalks from flooding,” said Eric Hon, operations manager. “We’re also reporting significant blockages to the city’s Department of Transportation.”

City workers cleared all downtown storm drains in October, Hon added.

Groundwerx’ average monthly pickup of 20,865 pounds of debris spikes during October and November to 28,825 pounds, predominantly because of the leaf fall. Downtown has 1,280 sycamores, nearly twice as many as all the rest of the trees combined (honey locust, callery pear, raywood ash, Chinese pistache, jacaranda, southern magnolia, crape myrtle and Chinese Hackberry). Palms are counted separately.