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Inclement Weather Response Plan for Vulnerable Populations
About the Plan
On Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, the City Council declared a shelter crisis in San José. The Council also adopted an inclement weather response for vulnerable populations. View the Housing Department’s memo, dated 11/23/15.
As part of this inclement weather response plan, four City-owned facilities have been designated as overnight warming facilities for homeless individuals. A warming center is a short-term emergency shelter that operates overnight for a set period of time when temperatures or a combination of rain, wind and temperatures become dangerously inclement. 

About the Temporary Overnight Warming Centers
When activated, the overnight warming facilities are located at the following City-owned locations:
  • Bascom Community Center, 1000 S Bascom Ave.
  • Tully Community Library, 880 Tully Rd.
  • Washington United Youth Center, 921 S 1st St.
  • Bibliotheca Branch Library, 921 S 1st St.
Factors in selecting these sites included additional space for storage of belongings, ADA compliance, accessible restroom and/or shower facilities, heating, access to additional nearby supportive services, and public transportation.

Conditions for Opening Overnight Warming Facilities 
Under an agreement with the City, HomeFirst will operate the overnight warming centers when they’re activated. The inclement weather shelters would only open if the National Weather Service forecasts:
  • An overnight low of 38 degrees or lower with a probability of rain less than 50%; or,
  • An overnight low of 42 degrees or lower with a probability of rain of 50% or greater; or,
  • Prolonged periods of rain with flash flooding in low-lying areas.
The temporary, overnight warming centers may only open between December 15, 2015 and March 31, 2016. In addition, HomeFirst may operate the four centers only overnight and up to 30 calendar days maximum during this period. 

The exact times of operation will be announced when the temporary warming centers are opened for vulnerable populations. However, their operational hours won't interrupt any regularly scheduled programs at any of the four locations.

Additional Information
For more information about programs that serve homeless and chronically homeless persons living in San José, visit the Housing Department’s Ending Homelessness website.