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Special Event Zone Details for Downtown San José CFP Championship Weekend
A Special Event Zone ordinance has been established for Downtown San José where the CFP National Championship Campus events and activities will take place from Friday, January 4, through Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

What does the ordinance say?

The City's Municipal Code (sections 13.20.010 and 6.55.220) says that no peddlers, both stationary and mobile, or food trucks can operate in the Special Event Zone during the stated period unless they are a vendor that is part of the CFP events within the zone. 

The Special Event Zone is in effect from 6:00 a.m. on December 28, 2018 through 6:00 p.m. January 8, 2019. 

Where is the Special Event Zone?

Here's a map of the Special Event Zone in downtown.


What are you not allowed to do in the Special Event Zone?

1. Do not sell or distribute any products within the Downtown Special Event Zone from Dec. 28, 2018 through Jan. 8, 2019.

2. Do not sell food or other merchandise from a cart, stall or food truck, or place any objects in the Special Event Zone.

3. Do not sell or give away counterfeit or illegal merchandise, free merchandise or free samples, including coupons.

4. Do not hand out any advertising materials old notices.

Special Event Zone Street List

- W. Julian Street from Stockton Avenue through its transition to E. James Street to 6th Street; and
- 6th Street from St. James Street to E. San Fernando Street; and 
- E. San Fernando Street from 6th Street to 4th Street; and  
- 4th Street from E. San Fernando Street to E. San Salvador Street; and
- E. San Salvador Street from 4th Street to 6th Street; and
- 6th Street from E. San Salvador Street to Margaret Street; and
- All Streets along the north side of Interstate 280 from Margaret Street to the Highway 87 and Interstate 280 interchange; and 
- Delmas Avenue from Highway 87 onramp to Park avenue; and 
- Park Avenue from Delmas Avenue to Caltrain train tracks; and
- East of the Caltrain train tracks from Park Avenue to The Alameda; and
- Stockton Avenue from The Alameda to W. Julian Street

Plus, the streets surrounding the San Jose State University Practice Field: 
  • S. 7th Street from E. Humboldt Street to E. Alma Street
  • E. Alma Street from S. 7th Street to S. 10th Street
  • S. 10th Street from E. Alma Street to E. Humboldt Street
  • E. Humboldt Street from S. 10th Street to S. 7th Street

Where can I get more information about the Special Event Zone ordinance?
For additional details, call the Office of Economic Development at (408) 793-4377.