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Orchard Parkway Properties
File Nos. DA15-002, PDC15-056, PD15-052, and PT15-066
Addendum to the North San Jose Development Policies Updated Final Program EIR (SCH# 2004102067), the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Final Program EIR (SCH# 2009072096), and the BEA Development Project Final EIR (SCH# 2004012103)

Consideration of an ordinance to approve an Amended and Restated Development Agreement between Apple Inc. and the City of San Jose to amend and restate a Development Agreement previously entered into between BEA Systems, Inc. and the City of San Jose and to incorporate additional adjacent sites of approximately 43.35 acres within the scope of the Development Agreement. The Development Agreement will vest entitlements for 15 years to develop up to 4,151,350 square feet of industrial development, including office, research and development, manufacturing, and other related and supporting uses consistent with the North San Jose Area Development Policy, San Jose 2020 General Plan, and Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan on an approximately 86.35 gross acre site located west of Orchard Parkway on both sides of Atmel Way and east of Orchard Parkway on both sides of Component Drive (Apple Inc., owner). The Development Agreement includes findings to recognize that the extraordinary benefit to be provided by the project includes the creation of job opportunities for existing residents and a stronger municipal tax base, the expansion into North San Jose of a superior local business presence whose business is particularly suited to the area, improvement of the City’s jobs/housing balance, and the provision of a water well site to serve the North San Jose area.


Planned Development Rezoning from the IP(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to the IP(PD) Planned Development Zoning District for the purpose of amending the development standards to eliminate the 105-foot height requirement on North First Street, for up to 2.8 million square feet of industrial uses.


Master Planned Development Permit to effectuate the Planned Development Zoning (File No. PDC15-056) for up to 2.8 million square feet of industrial uses.


Site Development Permit Amendment to allow a permit extension for up to 15 years for Site Development Permit File No. H12-008, consistent with the term of Development Agreement File No. DA15-002, on an approximately 12.9 gross acre site (Ellis II Land).


Tentative Map to allow for the extension of up to 15 years for the existing Tentative Map File No. PT13-061, consistent with the term of the Development Agreement (File No. DA15-002).


The project is located on an approximately 86.35 acre site, extending on both sides of Orchard Parkway, west of North First Street and east of the Guadalupe River, along Atmel Way. Assessors Parcel Nos. 101-02-011, 101-03-004, 101-03-007, 101-03-008, 101-02-016, and 101-02-017.

Project Documents

Text Amendments to the Biological Resources Section of the Addendum/Initial Study (January 2016)

Text Amendments to the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program: North First Street Property (January 2016)

Environmental Project Manager

Kelsey Steffen
(408) 535-3806