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Energy Saving Success Stories
The following businesses are Step Up and Power Down (SUPD) participants who have pledged to reduce their energy use. They have participated in a variety of ways. If you are interested in any of these activities, or are looking for other ways to reduce your energy bills, sign the Step Up and Power Down pledge to get free expert assistance.

West Coast ASM
Sandoval Body Shop Corporation
Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream
West Coast ASM
West Coast ASM is the first SUPD participant to reach Energy Elite status. Their facility was already equipped with energy-efficient T8 lighting. Lynn, an executive assistant, is taking advantage of PG&E rebates and ordering plug-load occupancy sensor power strips to reduce standby power and energy waste.
Sandoval Body Shop Corporation
Sandoval Body Shop signed the SUPD pledge online after reading about the program on their September energy report. Veronica, their office manager, reminds employees to turn off the lights after they've finished and encourages them to use natural lighting.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Sustainability is a part of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream core values, but this location in Downtown San José is especially committed to energy savings. Ashton, the general manager, learned how to save by attending the orientation webinar and met with an energy advisor to create an energy savings plan.
Banana Crepe
Nimble Storage
Banana Crêpe
Located in Japantown, Banana Crêpe is a family-owned crêperie that is engaged in reducing energy waste. Jeffrey, the manager, received a PG&E audit to identify energy- and money-saving opportunities. Jeffrey and his dad learned how to save using the "Do it Yourself Energy Survey" from the Food Service Technology Center.
Nimble Storage
Nimble Storage and their Green Team are leaders in the community by helping the City of San José and PG&E reach their energy savings goals. Nimble Storage has completed Sustainability Circles, Energy Practices Inventory, and a baseline assessment.