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Over time this page will be updated to provide a a quick snapshot of the vital statistics of rent stabilized properties and stakeholders in San Jose. Requests for data or suggestions on new indicators can be sent to the Rental Rights & Referrals Program.

Vacancy Rates

The Apartment Rent Ordinance requires that the amount of notice given to terminate the lease of tenants who have lived in their homes for more than 12-months be based partly on the existing rental apartment vacancy rate in San Jose. The Ordinance defines a "severe rental housing shortage" as a vacancy rate below 3%. 

If vacancy falls below 3%, notices to terminate tenancy must be extended from 60-days or 90-days, to 90-days or 120-days, respectively. For more information on noticing requirements, click here. 

Rental Apartment Vacancy Rates 
 Year  Quarter 1  Quarter 2  Quarter 3 Quarter 4 
 2016  4.3%  5.1%  4.3%  
 2015  3.3%  4.3%  5.3%  4.7%
 2014  5.9%  4.0%  4.2%  4.3%

Determining if a Property Falls Under the Apartment Rent Ordinance
Properties that are covered by the City's Apartment Rent Ordinance were built and occupied prior to September 7, 1979. A map of properties that were built prior to this date can be found here.  

This roster may include properties with rent subsidies with government funding and are therefore exempt from the Ordinance. The multiple housing roster linked above is a previously compiled reference listing of buildings subject to the Ordinance. It may not include every address in a building or buildings that were exempt at the date of compilation. 

Please contact staff at 408.975.4480 if you have questions.