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Mayor's Travel
Mayor's Travel

In the interest of transparency, Mayor Liccardo will routinely disclose his non-personal travel on this website, to inform the public of the purposes of each trip, and of the source of funding for travel expenses.

 Date of Travel Sponsoring Group 
Net Costs to City

Washington D.C.:
 Served on the FCC Broadband Advisory Committee.

 11/8/17-11/10/17 N/A   $1790.77

 Attended the CityLab Conference and spoke at the Mayors Innovation Studio.

10/20/17- 10/24/17 Bloomberg   $125.42
New York City: Met with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Cities of Service to discuss strategic partnerships on innovation, education, investment in youth and digital inclusion.

Washington D.C.:
 Attended a Silicon Valley Leadership Group advocacy trip to meet with federal leaders and discuss BART phase II funding, DACA, transportation infrastructure, comprehensive tax reform, healthcare reform and funding for scientific research.

 9/26/17-9/28/17 Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Bloomberg $1,596.18

 Attended transportation conference with BART and VTA officials at the Center of Control, Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona in preparation for San Jose public transit expansion to learn how to effectively create a well-connected and innovative transit system.

Amsterdam, Lille, Rotterdam, Utrecht:
 Attended a SPUR study tour to learn about European transportation and transit models in preparation for future Diridon Transit Station growth.

 7/4/17-7/14/17 SPUR  $0.00 

 Spoke on a panel about equity and resiliency in American
cities with fellow mayors from around the country.

5/2/17-5/3/17  Rose Center  $70.82 

Los Angeles:
 Participated as a Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership; 
met with elected leaders from around the country to collaborate and
share insight. 

 4/21/17-4/23/17  Aspen Institute  $0.00
Austin: Spoke on panels at convening of technologists, private
sector leaders, 
and government officials regarding civic innovation
and city best practices. 

Note: Scheduled and prepaid flights to a second half of this trip,
to Washington D.C., were cancelled due to snow closing
Washington's airports. 

 3/9/17-3/13/17  N/A  $4,035.48

Washington, D.C.:
 Attended the U.S. Conference of Mayor's event; 
lobbied federal officials for funding related to the "Our City of Service"
initiative; and spoke to the conference on behalf of San José.

 1/17/17-1/19/17  N/A  $2,417.56
Washington, D.C.: Attended the White House's capstone event on 
veterans' homelessness with All the Way Home partners; met
a variety of national leaders, including members from the white house
who work on homelessness.

11/13/16-11/14/16  N/A   $2,343.85
Baltimore: Spoke on the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force
 at the Fifth National Summit on Preventing Youth Violence,; met 
a variety of regional and federal policymakers
6/26/16-6/27/16  Parks,
Recreation and

Washington, D.C.:
Met with members of Congress and federal
officials re: BART funding, technology investment, and related issues
important to Silicon Valley 

3/21/16-3/23/16  N/A $2,899.86
Austin: Spoke at convening of technologists, private sector leaders,
 and government officials regarding civic innovation; learned
best-practices of affordable housing and improving services
3/10/16-3/13/16 Results
for America 

Washington, D.C.:
Chaired committee meeting of fellow US mayors,
met with White House officials regarding workforce training and
transportation funding

1/20/16-1/22/16 N/A  $2,710.29 
London: Learned of "smart city" initiatives globally, using data and
technology to improve cities' safety, sustainability, and services
10/16/15-10/21/15  Bloomberg

New York City:
Spoke at Clinton Global Initiatives conference on
smart cities initiatives using data and technology.

Washington, D.C.: Advocated with federal officials and Congress for
BART funding, and comprehensive immigration reform

9/28/15-10/1/15  MTC  $1,265.99
Denver: Learned from Denver officials of its successful Downtown
revival, focusing on transit station redevelopment, creation of arts
funding district, & rehabilitation of historic buildings
9/16/15-9/17/15  N/A $1,988.00

atican City: Spoke at global summit and met with Pope Francis and
 mayors of major global cities regarding climate change

7/21/15-7/22/15 Vatican $202.00

an Francisco: Met with fellow US mayors to exchange ideas about
tackling common urban challenges, including crime, transportation,
and affordable housing

6/19/15-6/22/15 N/A $1,082.67

Washington, D.C.:
Advocated for BART funding and workforce training
 funding with federal officials and Congress

3/17/15-3/19/15 N/A $2,130.36

Last updated: 11/6/2017
*Items still being processed will be updated as soon as a final calculation becomes available*