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Tug of War in a Park
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View Design Entries!
The four finalist Design Teams have submitted their entries. Click on each team's name to view their entry. 
The teams are listed below in alphabetical order. The files are large and may take a moment to open. 

Please note, each entry includes a preliminary budget estimate that is based on assumptions that are different for each entry. For example, some entries include only hard costs (e.g. physical work on the site, construction costs) while others also include soft costs (e.g. labor, fees). The budgets are preliminary estimates only. The City will closely evaluate the budget estimates as part of the selection process to allow an "apples to apples" comparison.

CMG Landscape Architecture

!melk Fr-ee

Meyer + Silberberg


For more information about the October 15th Jury Day, please visit the Schedule page. 

Also new the News and Updates page for further information.