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Illegal Dumping - Resources for Businesses
Report illegal dumping.
If you witness dumping in progress, call the San José Police Department non-emergency line at (408) 277-8900.
Businesses with evidence, such as photographs or video, which could lead to the identification of individuals who are illegally disposing of materials in San José may report illegal dumping by email.

Cleanup and Disposal
Cleanup and disposal of dumping on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Contact the commercial hauler, Republic Services, to schedule an additional pickup.
  • For dumping in the public right-of-way, contact the Customer Contact Center at (408) 535-3500.

Prevent illegal dumping.
  • Lock your bins – Contact Republic Services for information on lock service.
  • Keep your waste area clean – dirty waste areas and enclosures attract more illegal dumping.
  • Install motion activated lighting, cameras, or alarms near waste areas.
  • Improve visibility by trimming bushes or trees or activating/beautifying nearby spaces such as adding a basketball net for employee breaks or adding a mural to a nearby wall.

Looking for free cleanup supplies and assistance in your community?
The San José Anti-Graffiti and Litter Program at (408) 975-7233 can help organize neighborhood cleanups, provide supplies to individual volunteers, and make presentations to community groups.