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Fire Department
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Policies based on 2016 Code
  • Important Changes to the 2016 CFC & SJMC Modifications 
  • Fee Increase - August 14, 2017
  • Fire Flow and Hydrant Chart  
  • Fire Flow Requirements with Mixed Construction 
  • Centrifugal Fire Pumps – Standards for Installation 
  • Cleanrooms – Fire Suppression And Alarm Systems Design, Installation, And Plan Submittal Requirements
  • Commercial Hood and Duct Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Data Required by NFPA 13 
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems – Design, Installation, And Plan Submittal Requirements 
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems – Standards for One and Two Family Dwellings 
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems – Residential 13R Sprinkler Code Modifications 
  • Garage Labeling for Fire Equipment
  • GF Harvel CPVC Fire Sprinkler piping expansion/contraction Reference Tables
  • 20 FPS Velocity Chart
  • Zip Code map  
  • Over the Counter Fire Sprinkler Plan Review 
  • Preaction Systems – Design, Installation and Plan Submittal Requirements 
  • Preaction Systems – Matrix Tables Samples 
  • Private Yard Hydrant Maintenance
  • Requirements for use of Quick Response Fire Sprinklers and Barriers in Lieu of One-Hour rated construction (Water Impinged Walls)  
  • Standpipes – Design, Installation and Plan Submittal Requirements 
  • Underground Fire Service Lines – Design, Installation and Plan Submittal Requirements
  • Backflow Prevention Verification Form
  • Blue Dot locations
  • Private Service combined to Systems and Hydrants (3 Legged Dog) 
  • Fire Alarm Systems – Requirements
  • Over the Counter Fire Alarm Plan Review 
  • Fire Alarm Permit Appliances and-or Devices List 
  • Two Way Communications Policy 
  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)
  • Smoke control systems SJFD Policy 
  • Firefighter Breathing Air Replenishment System Policy 
  • Private Fire Hose Removal 
  • Operational Permit Checklist 
  • Permit Expiration and Extension(s)
  • Variance Application
  • Fire Prot Sys Install Permit App Reference Only
  • One- and Two- Family Dwelling Projects Fire Sprinkler Matrix 
  • Owner Builder Policy
  • PV Handout 2016
  • Exterior Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening Access 
  • Fire Apparatus Access Requirements
  • Premise Identification 
  • Key Box Policy
  • Key Box for Secured Gates 
  • Occupancy Sign Directive 
  • Occupancy Sign Requirement Policy 
  • Implementing Large Wood Frame Guidelines 
  • Fire Protection Plan for wood projects 
  • Fire Safety Officer Duties 
  • Construction Safety Guidelines
  • After Hours Call Back Inspections 
  • Local AHJ Site Review Appointment (for 810 sign off)