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Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo
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“We will renew San Jose by making our city safer, and that starts with restoring our depleted police department. However, restoring public safety in San José will require far more than merely adding officers to our ranks - we’ll also need to be smarter, more efficient and more innovative.”

-Mayor Sam Liccardo

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Police Staffing

Service Officers

 Integrated Security
Camera Program

 San Jose Works
Mayor's Gang
Prevention Task Force

Police Staffing Restoration

San José has the most thinly staffed police department of any major city in the country, severely constraining the City's ability to respond to and deter crime. To help improve SJPD's staffing levels, Mayor Liccardo negotiated a comprehensive pension reform settlement that brought an end to a years-long dispute that had made it difficult to recruit new officers and retain existing officers. He has also advocated for policies to help expand the pool of new applicants, such as allowing military veterans to substitute four years of active duty service in lieu of a four-year degree.

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Community Service Officers   Community Service Officers

San José created a Community Service Officer program in 2010 to help deal with the falling number of SJPD officers. Community Service Officers are trained to respond to low-priority incidents, such as traffic accidents, which allows police officers to focus on higher priority and emergency cases. During his first year, the mayor proposed increasing the program's funding to double the city's number of Community Service Officers and helping the city respond to burglaries and other property crimes. Visit the SJPD's website to learn more about the Community Service Officer program.

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Integrated Security Camera Program

Mayor Liccardo proposed the Camera Registry Program (CRP) to give business owners and residents the opportunity to voluntarily register their personal video surveillance systems with the City of San Jose. Modeled after successful programs in Chicago and New York City, the program encourages the Police Department and the community to work in tandem to more efficiently collect evidence and follow up on possible leads. Since its implementation,San Jose residents and businesses have voluntarily registered more than 300 cameras. Read more about the camera program on the SJPD website.

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Camera Registry

 SJ Works San Jose Works
Mayor Liccardo launched the San Jose Works program in 2015 to provide training and job opportunities to teens and young adults who could otherwise fall into gangs or lives of crime. With the help of private employers, like Target and Microsoft, the SJWorks program placed 700 teens and young adults into jobs — many for their first time — where they had the opportunity to build their resumes and professional skills. In 2016, the City of San José expanded the program to reach at least 1,000 participants. Visit the work2future foundation website for more information on SJWorks.

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Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force

Since taking office, Mayor Liccardo has continued to engage in the work of the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force, a broad coalition of stakeholders and community partners committed to combating gang violence in the community. In particular, the Mayor has explored new and more effective strategies to carry out the Task Force's critical mission. Read in greater depth about the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force.

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