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Vision Statement
Immigrants and refugees are engaged, respected, and have opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

Mission Statement
To facilitate and accelerate immigrant integration through civic, economic, linguistic, and social inclusion.


  1. It is essential to engage the receiving community in ways that build greater understanding, particularly among people who may have concerns about or are unaware of the changing demographics of their community.
  2. People of all backgrounds – socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, religious, etc. – have unique talents that can be brought to bear to make our communities vibrant, and welcoming should be as inclusive as possible to all groups.
  3. Programs intended to help immigrants navigate the community and learn about local norms should also be respectful of and leverage the cultural and leadership assets and knowledge that immigrants bring.
  4. Leaders can play a catalytic role by recognizing, rewarding, and investing in community partners who are essential to building a community’s capacity for this work.
  5. The voice of both immigrants and the broader community are critical to defining a welcoming agenda.

Welcoming San José Plan
This three-year plan sets forth the goals and strategies that will help facilitate and accelerate the integration of immigrants into our community. The Welcoming San José - a plan for civic, economic, linguistic, and social integration demonstrates dedication to make the vision a reality; a future where immigrants and refugees are engaged, respected, and have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. As of 2014, more than 38% of San José's population were immigrants. This plan will continue to make San José a welcoming place of opportunity for all.

Welcoming San José Plan 
(2.22 MB PDF file)

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