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Online Voting

Unlike last year’s online voting process, Round 2 voting and verification will occur at the same time during the Online Voting.

On June 3, 2017 at 12:00 a.m., a live link will be available to vote online for Round 2 of the D2 Bernal to Bailey Participatory Budgeting. Please make sure to complete all three steps of the online voting process or your vote will not be counted. Below are the three steps needed to submit your online vote:

First Step: Please vote for your top 5 favorite projects. To vote for an item, click the lever from Red --> Green. To read more about an item, click on the right arrow of each item.
Second Step: You will then be asked to rank the projects 1-5. Do this by dragging the items into the order of your preference, 1 being the highest preference and 5 being the lowest.
Third and Final Step (IMPORTANT): Fill out the entire Verification Google Form (to verify your residence) or your vote will not be counted.