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Upcoming City Council Actions

This Fall, the  City Council will be considering the following revisions:

  •  A potential amendment to the Tenant Protection Ordinance to add criminal activity as a basis for eviction.
  •  Amending anti-retaliation to prohibit landlords from threatening notification of immigration status.
  •  Consideration of the modified Apartment Rent Ordinance including the annual increase to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) with banking provision.
  •  Consideration an income discrimination ordinance.
  •  Consideration of mediation program to resolve landlord/tenant disputes.

Prior to upcoming actions, the Housing Department will publish draft recommendations and accept public comment. Based on public comment the Housing Department will make modifications to the draft ordinance. The timeline for each item has not been established, but as meetings are published Housing Department will begin to email meeting notifications.

More information about the Council meeting dates will be added.