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Planning Building and Code Enforcement
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Preparing for Inspection
Property owners and managers often ask what they can do to prepare for a routine inspection. This web page lists resources on how you can prepare for your next inspection.

Before the Inspection
  • Review the Preparing for a Multiple Housing Inspection Checklist
  • Give tenants reasonable notice of at least 72 hours before the upcoming inspection.
  • Buy batteries for battery operated smoke detectors & carbon monoxide devices. Bring them to the inspection so that they can be installed immediately. Also make sure that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms meets State of California's installation requirements.

Building Permits and Planning Approval Required
Make sure that your structural changes are legally permitted by the Building division and your exterior improvements are approved by the Planning Division. Questions? You can call the Permit Center at 408-535-3555.

Building Permit Resources

Common Exterior Projects that Require Planning Approval
  • Access gates: Vehicular and pedestrian are only allowed when strict criteria are met.
  • Carport dividers, carport conversions: While tenants may like the privacy that dividers provide, there may not be enough space to meet the standards for required distances for parking spaces. Also, never convert a covered parking spot to storage. This is a common violation and is not allowed.
  • Deck, balcony or stair repairs or replacement: Even if the repair or replacement is “like for like,” the work needs planning approval.
  • Garage doors: Whether new or replacements, these require planning approval.
  • Laundry facilities: Whether new or replacements, these require planning approval.
  • Storage sheds: A planning review is needed to ensure that required common area space is maintained.

Call the Permit Center at 408-535-3555 and ask to speak with a Planner if you are unsure if you need planning approval for your exterior projects. Visit the Planning division's Planning Application Forms page to download the appropriate forms for your projects.