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Sergio's Memoranda
Below is a list, in order of City Council Meeting date, of memoranda authored and co-signed by Councilmember Sergio Jimenez. These include his policy proposals, stand on crucial issues and other recommendations as he advocates for a better San José.

2017 Memoranda:

01/31/17 Audit of Apartment Rent Ordinance
02/07/17 Audit of Mobile Devices
02/07/17 Update on the Greenprint Workplan and Community Engagement Plan
02/28/17 Report on Sustainable Park Maintenance
02/28/17 Park Bond
03/07/17 Riparian Corridor Policy and Bird-Safe Design
03/07/17 Banking Services RFP Process
03/07/17 Expansion of City of San Jose's Investment Policy, Social Responsibility Clause
04/18/17 Actions Related to Tenant Protection Ordinance
05/09/17 Actions Related to a Tenant Protection Ordinance with Just Cause Protections
05/09/17 Parking Incentive Agreement with TechShop San Jose and the Entrepreneurial Maker Space Validation Program
05/16/17 Team San Jose Performance Measures Revisions 
05/16/17 Establish San Jose Clean Energy
06/13/17 Mayor’s 2017 June Budget Message
06/20/17 Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Google
06/27/17 Actions Related to the Request for Proposals for Banking Services
06/27/17 Zoning Changes for Assembly Use and Incidental Shelter for the Homeless
06/27/17 San José Police Department Internal Affairs Department Initiated Investigation Report
06/27/17 Public Hearing on the Commercial Solid Waste Customer Service Rates
06/27/17 Actions Related to the 2016 Independent Police Auditor End Report
08/08/17 Zoning Code Changes for Incidental Shelter for the Homeless
08/15/17 Commercial Solid Waste Customer Service Rates
08/15/17 Commercial Solid Waste Customer Service Rates (2)
08/22/17 Actions Related to the Structure of the Neighborhoods Commission
08/22/17 Living Wage Standards for Garbage Contracts
08/29/17 Actions related to the AB2176: Bridge Housing Communities (BHC)

2016 Memoranda:

12/06/16 Street Renaming of a Portion of Murillo Avenue Between Quimby Road and Aborn Road to Gurdwara Avenue