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Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Information

A VEBA is a defined contribution health reimbursement arrangement plan for retiree healthcare expenses. Employees at the City of San Jose will either be placed into the VEBA if they are in Federated Tier 2B or Police and Fire Tier 2.

Beginning Pay Period 8 (March 25, 2018 - April 7, 2018), Tier 2B and Police and Fire Tier 2 employees will commence contributions to the VEBA as show below:

Police and Fire = 4%
Federated = 2%

More information about the VEBA can be found in the program description:

VEBA Program Description

For questions like what is a VEBA and how do I receive reimbursements after retirement, please use this Frequently Asked Questions document:

Frequently Asked Questions - Tier 2B and Police and Fire Tier 2

What expenses are reimbursable under the VEBA?

This flyer contains the eligible expenses: QUALIFIED EXPENSES and PREMIUMS

VEBA Educational Sessions
The City will be holding the following group educational sessions to assist Tier 1 and Tier 2A employees in making the irrevocable election between the Defined Benefit Retiree Healthcare plan and the VEBA. During these educational sessions, Parallel Advisors will be providing an overview of the irrevocable election between the Defined Benefit Retiree Healthcare plan and the VEBA.

OER has been providing a presentation to departments. You can view this below:
VEBA Presentation - OER Slides
VEBA Decision - Parallel Advisors Slides

The video of the full Education Workshop can be found at this link:
 VEBA Education Workshop VIDEO Presentation




Employees may attend a workshop at ANY location, regardless of their primary work location.  Parking will be provided.  Supervisors are encouraged to allow flexibility in schedules for attendance.

Contact Us
For more information about the VEBA plan and irrevocable election, please contact 

    (408) 535-8322 or

Make an appointment with Parallel Consultants to discuss your option. To make an appointment, contact or call 408-535-VEBA (8322).