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2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment this year, for plans effective January 1, 2018, will start on October 23, 2017 and run through November 13, 2017

The Benefits Fair will be held on October 25, 2017 in the City Hall Rotunda with limited vendor participants.  The focus for the Benefits Fair this year will be on the more complex issues of our health plans, while continuing to highlight the benefits of wellness.

What’s New?

Kaiser Medical Plan Offering

In addition to the Kaiser $1500 Deductible and $25 Copay plans, there will be a NEW Kaiser HSA-Qualified $3000 Deductible HMO plan for 2018.  Here are some the highlights of the plan:

  • Overall Deductible $3000 individual/$6000 family
  • Out of pocket limit $5,950 individual/$11,900 family
  • You can enroll in an HSA (Health Savings Account) and it can be used to pay for healthcare related expenses for life. No annual use it or lose it like an FSA.
  • Preventative Care No charge
  • Most Primary Care Visits require 30% Coinsurance after Plan Deductible is met.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

With the Kaiser HSA-Qualified $3000 Deductible HMO employees will be eligible to open a health savings account (HSA).

Following is a brief overview of the Health Savings Account:

  • Must be enrolled in the Kaiser HSA-Qualified $3000 Deductible HMO plan for 2018.

Meet these additional IRS requirements:  Cannot be enrolled in Medicare, cannot be eligible to be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return, and cannot have additional health coverage that is not an HSA-qualified deductible plan.

  • 2018 Maximum Annual Contributions $3,450/individual, $6,900/family.
  • Contributions will be made using pretax payroll deductions.
  • Health Savings Account funds rollover from year to year; no annual “use it or lose it” rule as with Health Flexible Spending Account.
  • You cannot be enrolled in both the City’s Medical Flexible Spending Account (MRA) and the Health Savings Account.
  • There is a monthly fee of $3.25 that will be deducted from the Health Savings Account.

Please note:
 The Blue Shield and Sutter Health Plus plan offerings will remain the same for 2018.  

New 2018 Medical, Dental, Vision Rates, and Plan Comparisons: 

Comparison of 2018 Medical Plan Options

2018 Medical Rates (All employees except employees represented by POA and IAFF, Local 230)

2018 Medical Rates (Employees represented by POA and IAFF, Local 230)

2018 Dental Rates (All employees except employees represented by POA and IAFF, Local 230)

2018 Dental Rates (Employees represented by POA and IAFF, Local 230)

2018 Vision Rates

Open enrollment is a great time to review and update your beneficiaries. 



Sutter Health Plus




(855) 315-5800

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a SHP Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

$20 HMO Copay Group #777000

$1500 Deductible Group #777000





(800) 464-4000       
$25 Copay HMO Group #887

    $1,500 Deductible Plan Group#887

    $3,000 HSA Deductible Plan Group#887


Blue Shield



(800) 872-3941

How the PPO Plan Works

PPO $100 Deductible Group #W0051445



Delta Dental



(800) 765-6003

        Delta Dental PPO and Delta Care HMO Comparison Sheet





(800) 877-7195

        VSP Signature and Choice Comparison Sheet




Health and Dental In-Lieu Information:
Health In-Lieu
Dental In-Lieu

Flexible Spending Account Rates:

FSA Rates

P&A Administrative Services, Inc. will continue to be the City’s FSA administrator in 2018. If you participated in a 2017 Flexible Spending Account (MRA and/or DCAP) and wish to participate again in 2018, you must re-enroll during the open enrollment period.

The employee-paid administrative fee of $3.75, deducted on the first pay period PAY of each month, covers enrollment in one or both FSA Accounts. 


2018 Annual Contribution Limits

  • Medical Reimbursement Account (MRA): $2,600/ Individual
  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP): $5,000/ Household ($2,500 per parent if married and filing separately)
Please note:  Due to IRS regulations, employees enrolling in an FSA who earn $120,000 or more may be limited in their election amount.  The election amount limit will be determined by testing during the plan year. If your election is over the limit, the City will reduce your contribution amount for the plan to pass IRS testing.



Please Note: Employees must re-enroll in FSA every year during open enrollment.
Contributions do not rollover automatically.


2018 Wellness Rewards Program:

  Wellness is a way of living-eating a healthful diet, being physically active and managing one’s well-being. The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives—both at work and at home. Studies show workplace wellness programs reduce health-care costs, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and improve employee health and well-being.

   Wellness Program Frequently Asked Questions


Additional Resources:

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This website is updated as new information becomes available.