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Department of Transportation
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We maintain 2400+ miles of street pavement, including:

  • Track network condition.
  • identify conditions that have negative impacts on safety, durability, and appearance.
  • Inspections are performed by City staff and by consultants. 

Preventive Maintenance 
  • If performed before the road begins to break up, is the most cost-effective way to maintain pavement. 
  • Purpose is to extend the life of the road and to keep it looking and riding like it is new.
  • Treatments performed to increase life of roadway are:
    • Chip sealing
    • Slurry sealing
    • Resurfacing

Pavement Reconstruction 
When the condition of a street reaches the point where preventive maintenance is no longer cost-effective reconstruction is required. Reconstruction involves:
  • Removing the entire roadway structure and replacing it. 
  • Repairs of this scope are 6 to 10 times more expensive than preventative maintenance. This work is done contractually. 

Corrective Maintenance
Corrective maintenance is work identified during inspections or in response to a citizen’s concern, including:
  • Pothole repair.
  • Full depth dig outs.
  • This work is performed by City crews.

Bridge Maintenance 
We owns and maintains 165 vehicular bridges that carry traffic on city streets. 

  • To report damaged bridge railings, deck surfaces, fencing, or sidewalk on or near a vehicular bridge, please call (408) 794-1900
  • The City also owns and maintains pedestrian bridges often found in parks or near schools. To report damage to a pedestrian bridge, please contact the Neighborhood Parks Division at (408) 793-5510